Monday, November 7, 2011

The Cup... Is Attempting Spillage...

I've purposely taken some time from writing this blog and the others too, for that matter.  I needed to take some time to redefine what I believe my purpose to be, in writing and all aspects of Me.  Essentially, I needed to re-learn the skills to be grateful.  To have a cup that spillith over with gratitude.

The absence of writing in my life gave me a slap in the face.  At the most random times I will get hit with things that I feel like I need to write down.  But.... I forced myself not to during the last little while.  I don't know if I really had a good reason.  Maybe I felt like if writing was an actual skill of mine, I'd remember those things and write about them when I was ready.  Not a good reason, I know.  However, I was able to come to a conclusion...

My writing is for me.  Not for anyone else.  However, I do love that people enjoy it.  I have not and will not censor or fake my writing.  It is what it is.

While I don't always have the utmost confidence in what comes out, I will own up to it.  It makes me happy.  It's always there when I need it.  It's a reflection in the truest form.

AND.... Speaking of reflections... Head on over to The Sex Diet to read the latest on what happens to a person when they don't feed wants/needs correctly...

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