Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Like Sand Through The Hourglass... These Are The Days Of My Life

I haven't been very involved in this blog lately.  Which, if you think about the title and the reason that I started it in the first place, could only mean one thing... I haven't been very involved with my journey lately.

I've struggled with the direction that I'm going.  Not in life, well, that's not true at all.  Daily life is fine.  I'm getting through tasks, surviving.  But at the end of the day... I'm not feeling like I've had any real accomplishments.  Going through life in uncertainty doesn't make it easy to have genuine smiles. 

Now before I continue, I need to remind you what a pessimist I am!  Affirmations are silly, I've always felt that way.  But, over the last few days I've been trying to use affirmations as a way of getting through the day.  I'll laugh at myself and continue on with whatever task I'm working on.  I began to think that I need to write something upbeat and positive... A sort of SMACK IN DA FACE!

Today, a blogging friend, Heather @ lifeofapasserie posted exactly what I needed.  She is a self described natural beauty, and she writes beautifully too!  She so poignantly reminds everyone to simply... Like who you are.  Please read her post and link to her list.  Commit to being committed to You.

You wear your skin... Own It...  Love It.

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