Friday, April 22, 2011

I want more.

I need something fullfilling. Don't get me wrong... I love being a parent.  I love being a puppy and kitty parent.  I love the friendships I've created and nurtured. I love seeing what happens to the plants I've put in soil.  I love when I can feed people.  All this said... there's something missing.  

I don't really feel like anything I've done is really meaningful.  Maybe it's because there's been so much grief in my family.  Maybe it's because I've struggled for so long to have meaningful relationships with people, I don't recognize it when it's in front of me.  

 Maybe I'm thinking about it too much.  Maybe I'm putting more into it than I need to.  Maybe... I should just stick to simplicity.

1 comment:

  1. OOOORRRR Maybe, you could realize you have people out there that love your stinkin' guts and care SO MUCH about you. <3 Maybe, you should look a little closer at what you already have-- the good and the bad-- and go after what makes you feel good.

    Much love and adoration