Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've been STUPID lately.

I get so frustrated that I lose sight.  I love my family, even the one's I haven't spoken to.  My heart doesn't ignore that it has a connection to people.  Lack of communication doesn't mean that I don't wonder about them all the time.  I don't want to rant and rave.  I don't want... to be that girl.  The one that walks around all day with a sad face.  It causes wrinkles.

Things in my family didn't go wrong overnight, I really need to remember that.  It's going to take more than a conversation or two to get everyone on track.  Actually, it's going to take willingness to have more than a conversation or two.  I think that's the keyword here... willingness.  There needs to be a desire for people to sit down and actually hear what each other are saying. 

I can't force others to talk to me.  I can't force myself to not have the desire to talk.  All I can do is maintain my willingness for when they're ready. 

It's time to go enjoy the sun... I hope everyone has a fantastic day.

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