Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chutes and Ladders probably would have been easier....

I had an aha! moment today... I am having an excruciating time finding the positive in hard situations. 

I had been experiencing a relaxing, productive day like I did yesterday.  A couple hours ago, I received some news that I wouldn't say is bad, just disappointing.  Ever since, I've been sitting on the couch self-sabotaging.  A thousand little "you suck" thoughts have been running through my brain at the speed of light.  None of these thoughts are leading me in the right direction.  I'm fully aware of that.  But it just seems easier to take the low road. 

How does someone who has been doing such a good job feeling good about themselves take such a huge step back?  What worries me the most is... It took such a long time to get here, I don't know if I have the time or energy to attempt it again.  Its kind of like when you play Candyland and your almost to the top and then you draw that card that has the candycane on it and you have to go all the way back to the starting line. 

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